Take Control Of Your Investments With The Crew Smart Saver Savings & Investment Solutions
For Yacht Crew 

The Crew Smart Saver is a flexible and low-cost savings platform designed for seafarers, which offers some of the most thought after investment funds in the world. Our specialists have handpicked the investments with the requirements of yacht crew in mind, the Crew Smart Saver is an easy-to-use online portal that breaks the barriers of traditional investing and enables you to take full control of your investments, with no restrictions on how you save or when you take your money.



As the leading provider of ENIM pension schemes for employers of French resident crew and standard seafarer pension plans, this gives us a unique understanding of the requirements of yacht crew. Many seafarers asked us if we could offer a flexible low-cost savings and investment solution, so the Crew Smart Saver Platform was created especially for your investment needs. The Crew Smart Saver features some of the world’s most thought after funds and our specialists have handpicked these investments specifically, with your requirements in mind as a seafarer. The platform is simple to use for investing and to access your money if required, with no restrictions.

Whether you are simply starting to build your future nest egg, or saving a deposit for your first property, the Crew Smart Saver is the solution for you.

  • By investing as little as €500 per month you can create a significant investment portfolio with returns that are further grown by our investment specialists.


  • For a small cost each month you can access a diversified range of 33 funds, run by some of the world’s leading investment managers.


  • Lack of investment knowledge is no problem with the Crew Smart Saver, as everything is clearly explained to make investing a simple and exciting experience.


  • You will have access to your Crew Smart Saver platform 24/7 to choose how and when you invest.




  1.  Click onto the investment tab.

  2. Complete a simple application process for your details.

  3. Complete a short risk profile questionnaire, after you will find that your risk tolerance will match one of the risk graded fund models.

  4.  Choose which investment fund or mix of investments are correct for you.

  5.  Your new investment account is open you can now add money.

  6.  Watch your savings grow.



5 easy stages to start saving towards your financial freedom



The Crew Smart Saver is a low-cost transparent platform designed so yacht crew are in control of their own investments with no restrictions. There is a choice of 33 leading investment funds selected for the specific requirements of seafarers, in addition there are different investment option’s, which can be blended into portfolios in numerous ways, to suit the needs of the cautious or indecisive investor and for the more experienced and adventurous investor.

Your general investment account can be opened with as little as 500e, the portal offers seafarers the choice of lump sum investments and regular savings, which can be made by standing order and other payment options. Crew can choose to open their account in Euros Pounds or Dollars.

Investment Option 1- The PCC Wealth Model Portfolio Range - 5 Risk Graded Portfolios

These portfolios are suitable for the more cautious investor or who maybe unsure of which investment model to pick. The model portfolios are designed in accordance to your risk profile, after completing a risk profile questionnaire you will find that your risk tolerance will match one of the 5 risk graded model portfolios, you may then select your investment choice.


The defensive model seeks to generate slight returns that are higher than cash in the bank, with a medium-term horizon offering potential for steady yet controlled capital growth. The portfolio takes a more defensive approach to equities with minimal exposure if any and is likely to contain lower-risk investments, including, government bonds, corporate bonds, global bonds, money market investments as well as property. These weightings may deviate within set restrictions, so fund managers can react to market conditions accordingly.

2) Cautious

The cautious model seeks to generate modest capital growth, which is higher than bond-based returns, with a short to medium term horizon, but engages a more cautious investment strategy than the Balanced Model. This portfolio will have a limited exposure to equites and will most likely contain low-risk and medium-risk investments, including, government bonds, corporate bonds, a mix of global bonds and money market investments as well as property. It will also contain some high-risk investments such as shares, but mainly in developed markets. Investment weightings may change within set parameters, allowing fund managers to react to market conditions as required.

3) Balanced

The balanced model seeks to generate growth over the medium to longer term, with the objective of riding out short-term volatility in value. This portfolio has a more balanced approach to equity exposure typically including 50% equities’ and 50% non-equities’, it is likely to contain low-, medium- and higher-risk investments, which include, government bonds, corporate bonds, global bonds and money markets as well as property. In addition, it will have some higher-risk investments such as shares, held mainly in developed markets, and a small number of shares in emerging markets.  The investment weightings may deviate within set restrictions, so fund managers can react to market conditions accordingly.

4) Moderate Growth

The moderate growth model aims to generate higher growth over the medium to long-term by engaging a more dynamic investment approach. The portfolio will have a larger exposure to equities compared to our balanced model normally comprising of 70% equity’s which are expected to be held mainly in developed markets, but there is also likely to be some shares within the fund in higher-risk emerging markets.  The 30% non-equities will mainly be corporate bonds, global bonds and higher income types, as well as property. The investment weightings may deviate within set parameters, allowing managers to react to market conditions as needed.

5) Growth

The growth model seeks to produce strong capital growth over the longer-term horizon and can potentially experience frequent and higher levels of volatility than the Moderate Growth Model. The portfolio for this risk profile will have a large exposure to equities - typically comprising of 85% equities or higher, which contains mainly high-risk investments, such as developed and emerging market shares. The non-equites are expected to have a small amount of medium risk investments such as corporate bonds, global bonds and higher income types as well as property. Investment weightings may deviate within set limitations, allowing managers to react to market conditions as required.

Investment Option 2 - Funds Ranging From 4-6 in Risk Tolerance level

These funds are selected for the more experienced or adventurous investor and offer the leading and most popular funds for each risk level in the market. The investor risk tolerance levels range from balanced too adventurous.

5 year fund returns .png

Risk 4 Balanced - Trojan Fund

A gold five star rated fund by Morning Star, the Trojan Fund’s investment objective is to achieve growth in capital (net of fees), above inflation (UK Retail Prices Index), over the longer term of 5 to 7 years. The strategy is to invest globally in public and government securities (such as sovereign debt and treasury bills), corporate bonds, equities and private equity, precious metals, cash and cash equivalents.

Risk 5 Growth - Fundsmith Equity Fund

A gold six star rated fund by Morning Star, Fundsmith’s aim is to invest in equities on a global basis, with a longer-term investment approach. The fund employs a strict-criteria for the selection of the securities for the investment portfolio. It is envisaged that the portfolio will be concentrated, generally comprising between 20 to 30 top stocks. Fundsmith boasts numerous awards to name a few the Raging Bull Award for the Best (FSCA-approved) Offshore Global Equity Fund on straight performance over three years to December 31, 2019. The Investors Choice Awards 2020, recognised outstanding investment managers long only equity fund.

Risk 6 Adventurous - Guinness Global Innovators fund

A four-star rated fund by Morning Star and an Elite Rated by FundCalibre, the Guinness Global Innovators Fund is designed to offer investors global exposure to shares in companies benefiting from innovations in, communication, technology, globalisation or innovative management strategies. The fund believes in innovative companies that develop competitive strengths will deliver higher-than-average return on investment. The portfolio holds around 30 equally-weighted stocks in top companies, which gives a good balance between the benefits of diversification while allowing each company to add meaningfully to performance, in addition the fund will typically hold a company in the portfolio for between 3 and 4 years.

Risk 6 Ethical - Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund

The Fund offers investors long term capital growth of shares in companies involved in the global renewable energy markets, such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biofuels and biomass. The fund believes that over the next twenty years the sustainable energy sector will benefit from the combined effects of strong demand and growth as well as further improvement of the economics of renewable energy supplies. The fund aims to deliver investment returns via equally weighted, exposure to 30 sustainable energy companies, with the majority of the portfolio invested in stocks over $500m in size.

For more information on the above funds and investment options, please refer to the Crew Smart Saver platform, in your general investment account.

Further details of the other investment opportunities can be fund on the Crew Smart Saver Portal. 

Past performance is not always a guide to future returns. The value of investments, may go down as well as up and it can fall below the amount initially invested. Fund returns may slightly differ according to which currency you invest in.

laptop and phone investments .jpg


Ensuring the right equilibrium

Our Investment managers purpose is to protect and grow your savings, regardless of the economic environment. Our specialists analyze, political and economic market trends to forecast which blend of investments will give the greatest returns without high volatility, this process is called asset allocation.

Choosing Investments in the current crisis

In recent years some of our investments have been the most consistent performing funds in the world and have been picked specifically with the current crisis in mind, our fund managers are constantly changing and assessing which investments are suited to the global economy. By selecting some of the most renowned  investment managers who boast proven track records in strategies and investment styles, the aim is to ensure your investments have the opportunity to achieve the most efficient return and minimize losses within your stated risk level.

Diversification to protect your investments

Smart asset allocation compromises of in-depth diversification of investments that are blended together to do different things at the same time, particularly during times of market turmoil. The funds we offer will invest in a range of assets such as shares, bonds, property and cash which therefore allows your money to be spread over a diverse range of investments, which in turn ensures a more efficient return on your savings. For those with a higher risk appetite the equity only funds will offer a greater possible return, but with higher volatility. The managers of equity funds still seek to diversify investments by geography and by sector.



24/7 access to your account

The Crew Smart Saver platform gives total transparency with access to view your investments and to invest at any time of day, with no hidden costs.


Investments reports

That platform allows comprehensive analysis of the performance of your investments and offers details of your asset exposure and consolidates all of your investments, to give real time valuations. In addition, it allows you to obtain instant access to the management reporting tools, which gives bespoke modelling information of your portfolios, including fast internet-based valuations and reports.


  • The Smart Crew Saver gives you the seafarer the freedom to choose when and how you  invest.

  • Crew may access their investments and withdraw funds at any time.

  • Take a payment holiday without penalty.

  • Payments for investing can be made by standing order or by direct bank transfer.

  • You may choose to invest lump sums at any time, in addition to your regular monthly investments.

  • You are in control of your investments.



Below we have highlighted the past 5 year and 1 year returns for our exciting range of funds for the more adventurous investor’s. We offer a choice of 33 funds to chose from including the 5 risk rated model portfolios from PCC Wealth for our more cautious investor’s, further information on these funds can be found on your Crew Smart Saver portal.

1 year return.png
  • Balanced Trojan Fund Risk 4 Return 7.4 %

  • Growth Fundsmith Fund Risk 5 Return 18.2 %

  • Adventurous Guinness Global AI Fund Risk 6 Return 30.8 %

  • Ethical Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund Risk 6 Return 76.2 %

5 year fund returns .png
  • Balanced Trojan Fund Risk 4 return 35 %

  • Growth Fundsmith Fund Risk 5 return 145%

  • Adventurous Guinness Global Innovators Fund Risk 6 return 160%

  • Ethical Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund Risk 6 return 180%

Past performance is not always a guide to future returns. The value of investments, may go down as well as up and it can fall below the amount initially invested. Fund returns may slightly differ according to which currency you invest in.



graph savings.png

The table shows the power of saving only €1000 per month, over a 14-year period and the huge growth in capital that can be achieved, when using certain percentage rate returns. The financial markets can be volatile at times but saving regularly each month, ensures that you can grow your investments, and ride out market fluctuations over a period of time.

The returns shown in the above table are for demonstrative purposes only and are not guaranteed. The rate of growth will be dependent on your selected investment option and down to the performance of the chosen fund.

The shown investment amounts have been calculated assuming returns of 5.%, 8 % and 12 % per year, the rates of growth are not allowing for the platform annual management fees and are for illustrative purposes only, in addition investment performances can be higher or lower.

 The Power of Regular Investing





Protection of your capital with our Custodian Wealth Tek

Wealth Tek provides global custody as well as execution services and supports over 2bn of assets under administration (Dec 20). Wealth Tek controls cash by placing it with a diversified network of high-quality banks in accordance with FCA money rules. Wealth Tek is fully regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA 832264) to provide global custody and execution services. After the 2008 crisis the UK regulator (FCA) announced even stronger requirements in their Client Asset Sourcebook (CASS rules) which provides an essential framework of protection and controls for the cash and investments of investors, Wealth Tek is fully subject to these rules and procedures, in addition they have a strong capital base and hold over 200% of the required regulatory capital, therefore providing clients with the stability they need. As your custodian Wealth Tek is under obligation to hold your investments under safe custody, either with a sub-custodian appointed by Wealth Tek or by Wealth Tek itself via one of their nominee entities. Wealth Tek offers clients the choice to hold investments onshore or offshore.

Regular savings protects your future capital

Good investment returns, which are then compounded through monthly reinvestment, will give robust and more consistent growth. For example, if your investments go up by 10 % per year it will take roughly 7.2 years to double your money.

Managing risk levels in funds

Investment funds are precisely created and managed to warrant that they stay aligned with the fund managers views on probable market changes and the economic outlook. Each individual fund is selected, on its proven track record and investment strategies. In recent years many of our investments have been some of the most consistent performing funds in the market and they have been picked, as some of the most durable funds in the current crisis.

Diversifying assets to protect your investments

The assets in each fund are diversified by sector, location, asset class and investment strategy. Each fund will invest in many different assets such as property, bonds and company shares, the intention is always to blend investments together, so that they do not all do the same thing at once especially during periods of market volatility. With the exception of the equity only funds the managers of these funds still seek to diversify investments by geography and by sector.



The Crew Smart Saver aims to keep costs as low as possible while bringing you some of the most thought after investment funds in the marketplace.

Ongoing fees

1.50 % per year is charged on your funds invested.

The costs comprise of the Crew Smart Saver platform fee plus, an annual management charge (AMC) and partner servicing as well as administration fees.

In addition, there will be a fund charge known as the (OCF) Ongoing Charges Figure, of which the cost is dependent on your chosen investment model. All fund returns are shown net of fees.



1)Essential information


1.1) Who can I contact?

As the company responsible for processing initial enquiries, the Crew Smart Saver will be your point of contact. The Crew Smart Saver is an execution only non-advised service and is a self-select investment platform.

1.2) Who should I contact at the Crew Smart Saver?

We can be contacted at info@crewsmartsaver.com or by calling 0033 755 625231.


1.3) Is the Crew Smart Saver Regulated?

The Crew Smart Saver is a brand of Marine Pension Solutions Ltd, who are an authorized representative of Private Client Consultancy, who’s trading name is Oliver and Whyte SL - an appointed representative of deVere Spain - regulated by the DGS FP number J2807, which has PI insurance with AIG and sufficient financial capacity according to the law and is licensed to operate in the following countries under the freedom of services provision: Austria | Belgium | Bulgaria | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Rep | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Ireland | Italy | Latvia | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | The Netherlands | United Kingdom (Gibraltar)

1.4) Does selecting investments include any financial or investment advice?

The Crew Smart Saver platform provides access to information for a range of investment portfolios, which are offered on a non-advised, self-execution basis. We make no representation as to the suitability of selected investments, although a short risk profile questionnaire is provided to help you determine the suitability of a particular portfolio. You should take independent advice and consult a financial adviser, if you are unsure about whether the investments are appropriate for you. As we have not carried out a fact-finding survey, we therefore have no knowledge of your personal or financial situation.


1.5) Terms and conditions?

Full terms and conditions can be seen by clicking here.


1.6) Who is the Crew Smart Saver?

The Crew Smart Saver platform, is a brand trading under Marine Pension Solutions Ltd who are the leading provider of employer-based pension schemes for seafarers. The Crew Smart Saver is a partner of PCC Wealth who are a major wealth management consultancy based in Spain and Portugal. Our combined experience allows our team of investment professionals to provide you as the seafarer, with some of the words leading investment opportunities.


1.7) What are the features of this platform that make it so unique to seafarers?

  • Access to some of the worlds renowned fund managers and investment opportunities.

  • You can access your account 24/7 with exceptional online reporting tools.

  • No restrictions on when you invest or when you choose not to investment.

  • No penalties to withdraw money.

  • You are in control of your investments.

  • Designed especially for seafarers.

  • Very low costs.

2)Security of assets

2.1) Is my money secure?

Your investments are protected and are held in a designated pooled client account with our custodian Wealth Tek. Assets are held separately and are easily identified from other assets. In the unlikely occurrence of a default by Wealth Tek your investments would be considered to not belong to Wealth  Tek or any appointed sub custodian and therefore they can be easily allocated to the beneficial owner.


2.2) Protection of my capital?        

You can rest assured with the knowledge that your money is safeguarded with the Crew Smart Saver, through our custodian Wealth Tek  who supports over 2bn of assets under administration. Wealth Tek controls cash by placing it with a diversified network of high-quality banks in accordance with FCA money rules. Wealth Tek is fully regulated and authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA 832264) to provide global custody and execution services. . As your custodian Wealth Tek is under obligation to hold your investments under safe custody, either with a sub-custodian appointed by Wealth Tek or by Wealth Tek itself via one of their nominee entities. Wealth Tek offers clients the choice to hold investments onshore or offshore.

3)Opening an Account

3.1) How do I set up an account?

  • Click on apply now and you be prompted to choose which is your reason for investing and the time you wish to save for.

  • You will then be asked to fill out a short risk profile questionnaire and then choose from one of the following investment options.

  • There be a short form for your personal details.

  • You will then be prompted to fund your account via bank transfer or for monthly standing order payments.

  • Once your account is funded, you will then be able to login from anywhere, at any time and view every aspect of your portfolio.

3.2) What happens next?

You will receive an email confirming the details of your new investment portfolio and a reminder of how to fund your account, if you haven’t yet done so. When you have funded your account, we will invest your monies as soon as possible, after which you will be able to login and view your investments working for you.

3.3) What is the minimum investment?

You may invest as little as 500 in any currency of your choice (EUR, GBP, USD) and there is no maximum investment amount.


3.4) Can I make regular monthly contributions?

Yes, all you need to do is set up a standing order with your bank.


3.5) What documents will I receive for my investments?

Most of your documents will be held on your investment portal and the main form of communications you will receive will be online and via email.


4)Withdrawing my money

4.1) Can I withdraw my funds when I want?

You may withdraw your money at any time with no restrictions or penalties.


4.2) How do I withdraw my money?

In your in wallet in your online portal there is an option for withdrawals, here you can request to withdraw funds, as long as the bank account you want your money paid to, is the same bank account you opened your investment account with. Therefore, if you wish for your money to be paid to a different account, we will require a bank statement of that new account.


5) What is a GIA?

5.1)General Investment Account

A (GIA) is a General Investment Account that can be opened with as little as €500. Your money may be accessed at any time, though investing should be considered as something to do for the longer term, in order to achieve the maximum returns and have the best chance of riding out short term market fluctuations.


6)Can I do ethical investments with the Crew Smart Saver?

6.1)Ethical investing

On the Crew Smart Saver platform, we have several ethical investment options, including the renowned Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund which is a renewable energy fund and one of the leading sustainable funds in the world, which boasts an impressive past performance.


7.1) How do I pay the fees?

We will automatically deduct all fees from your portfolio and you can view all transactions by logging in to your account.

7.2) What will it cost to use the platform?

The yearly platform fees are 1.5 % to manage your investments and help you work towards your saving objectives. The funds within a portfolio each carry an additional annual cost known as Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) and this will be dependent upon the chosen portfolio type and composition of the underlying investments.


8)What investments do you offer?


8.1) Investment options

The Crew Smart Saver offers 9 different fund models including ethical investment choices, with risk ratings ranging from cautious to balanced and growth. Investments are chosen on a self-select basis. For seafarers who do not know which investments to choose there are 5 structured model portfolios that will match your risk profile. For the more confident investors you may mix and match your portfolios as you wish.

9)How is my money invested?


9.1) In which way is my money invested

Your money is invested in line with the style of investments you have chosen for your portfolio. The Crew Smart Saver only invests in listed and regulated funds, and sometimes in institutional share classes. Your investment can go up as well as down and, in some instances, you may get back less than your original investment, which is why investing for a longer period of time ensures you can ride out any short-term volatility in the markets.


9.2) What return can my investments get?

We can never guarantee a specific return as past performance is not a guide for future returns. Nonetheless in your online account you can see an illustration of the potential returns for the portfolio have you selected during the application process. However, please bear in mind that investments will go through periods when they don’t go up.


9.3) How can I see my investments?

You can view your investment 24/7 at the click of a button. The Crew Smart Saver’s innovative platform offers 24-hour access with complete online reporting and transparency for clients. In addition, it offers detailed analysis of investments, performance measurement and information of the asset exposure, plus up to date portfolio valuations.


10)Are there risks in investing?

10.1) Investing risks

There will always be some element of risk when investing as the value of investments can go down as well as up and you could end up with less than you originally invested. You may want to think about certain aspects of your personal situation before you invest, such as your experience and knowledge of investing, the affordability of savings and your goals. Furthermore, you may wish to contemplate on the risks linked with different types of investments before you proceed. You can find out more about the risks of each fund by viewing the fact sheets of the funds you are interested in; you should pay attention to the risk rating of the fund and consider if it matches your risk profile.

11)What to do if you have a complaint?

11.1) Complaints

The Crew Smart Saver have procedures in place to manage all complaints and ensure that they are handled promptly, fairly and consistently. If a compliant occurs we would appreciate the chance to resolve any problems for you. If you have a complaint you should make the complaint directly to the Crew Smart Saver, by telephone or email. All complaints should be addressed to info@crewsmartsaver.com


12) Data Protection?

12.1)Your data

We will only share your personal data with the Crew Smart Saver who is a brand of Marine Pension Solutions Ltd, our partner PCC Wealth and our custodian Wealth Tek. Your details will not be shared with any other 3rd parties. Further information on the usage of your data for the sole purposes of managing your online account is available in our Terms and Conditions.

12.2)Will you run a credit check on me?

No, we don’t run a formal credit check. We use credit reference agencies to verify your details and this leaves a footprint on your profile, but it doesn’t affect your credit rating in the same way as a credit check.


13) Accessing your account?


13.1)Account access

Once your account has been opened and funded you will receive login instructions and you would have set your preliminary password as part of the application process. Your login access is from the Crew Smart Saver website.


14)What does my portal provide me in the way of information?


The Crew Smart Saver platform

14.1) The Crew Smart Saver offers an online portal which propositions clients an extensive range of features, ensuring that seafarers can keep track of their investment portfolios. This comprises of a detailed overview of their investment portfolio showing individual investments and performance, in addition, crew can view a breakdown of geography, sector and currency exposures within their investments and a full portfolio valuation since inception.


15) How do I change my portfolio selections


15.1) Changing my Portfolio

In Account Details select the tab to access My Portfolio. From this page choose Options. Then follow the instructions.

  Contact Us

    Antibes : +33 (0) 755 62 5231  

      Email: info@crewsmartsaver.com

The Crew Smart Saver is a brand of Marine Pension Solutions Ltd who is an authorized representative of Private Client Consultancy is a trading name of Efficient Frontiers SL, whose registered address is Calle Jardin Botanico, 23/24, La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa 29649, with CIF B42839589, authorised by the Direccion General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones No. J-3930, holding obligatory Professional Indemnity Insurance with AIG Europe for the regulated activity, and with sufficient financial capacity in accordance with the law, and is directly authorised to operate in Spain.